Sunday, March 25, 2018

National Congress of Mothers Files a Pleas for Missing Girls 1921

Catholic Laymen's Association of Georgia

Hons Warren. G. Harding
President of the United States,
Washington, D.C.

Dear Mr. President:

Warren Harding
The 29th President of the United States
You will be interested in the enclosed copy of the Columbia Sentinel, published at Thomson, Ga. the Junior Senator from Georgia is the editor of this paper.

Your particular attention is directed to the matter under the head: " Some Very Interesting Editorial Notes on state and national affairs. "which reads as follows:

The National Congress of Mothers, assembled at Washington, April 27th, filed a plea for "missing girls." We learn that sixty-five thousand girls disappeared from their homes last year, and nothing is known of their whereabouts.''

A great majority of these girls were captured by Catholic Priest and sentenced to slavery in House of the Good Shepherd, etc.  In Keiley's establishment, at Savannah, Ga., there may probably be a score or more of those missing girls.

The laws of Georgia require that Bishop Kelley's slave pen shall be inspected by officers of the courts of Chatham County, but the Bishop of Savannah informs us that he gets his law from Rome, and, therefore, he cannot recognize laws made in this country.

The question is, shall Bishop Kelly be permitted to continue to laugh at our laws? Catholic Priests have no right to lure innocent girls into captivity, where they become victims of Priestly immorality.
Woodrow Wilson
The 28th President of the United States
The Bishop of Savannah has no right to run a "peonage farm" within his jurisdiction.

Sixty-five thousand girls are lost in our big cities each year; they fall into traps set for them by Rome. Our laws owe them protection. Priests who are not permitted to marry, should not be allowed to capture young maidens and use them to satisfy lustful desires. 

You will observe that the leading article on this pages states that "it remains to be seen whether the people of this country be blinded by the hypocrisies and fault pretenses of Warren C. Harding, as they were by those of Woodrow Wilson, " and that "the Roman Catholic Church dictates to Harding, Just as it dictated to "Wilson."

According to the Black and Missing Foundation, 64,000 black women and girls were missing nationwide in 2014. Also according to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Missing Person Files, there are over 88,040 active missing person records. 

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